Mt Pulag

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Credits to Stacey 

Mt Pulag – 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. Famous for its “Sea of Clouds” and the view of the “Milky Way Galaxy” at dawn.

How To Get There:


Mt Pulag

Call the DENR office in Ambangeg

  • You may contact Emerita Albas, the DENR Superintendent, at +63 919-631-5402


Ride the overnight bus to Baguio

  • Travel time for first-class buses is between 5 to 6 hours and will set you back ₱750 while regular buses will take 6 to 7 hours and cost ₱500. Book a bus ride with a departure time of around 11:00 in the evening so that you get to Baguio in the early morning of the following day.


Ride the early morning van to Ambangeg

  • The van to Kabayan will pass by Ambangeg. Get yourself dropped off at the junction in Ambangeg near the DENR Station. Travel time from Baguio to Ambangeg is 2 hours and will cost around ₱120.


Register at the DENR Station

  • An entrance fee of ₱100 per person and a camping fee of ₱50 per person will be collected. You should be able to complete all the requirements before lunchtime. You can start your climb immediately after this.


Take a motorcycle ride to Babadac Ranger Station

  • Outside the DENR Station, there will be motorcycles for hire (habal-habal) which can bring you to Babadac Ranger Station — the hike’s starting point. Fare costs ₱250 per person per way.


Hire a guide at Babadac Ranger Station

  • As for guides and porters, you can request for one at the Babadac Ranger Station. Guide fee is ₱500 per group while the porter fee is at ₱500 with a limit of 15 kilos per porter. If you are camping at the Saddle Camp, the one nearest the summit, ₱100 will be added to your guide and porter fee.


Hike to Mt Pulag’s Summit

  • There are three established camps in Mount Pulag: Camp 1, Camp 2 and the Saddle Camp.
  • Camp 1 is an easy 30-minute trek from Babadac Ranger Station.
  • Then it takes another hour to reach Camp 2.



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